The white colours

Snowdrop Carpet
There were two little brothers who came home from the kindergarten. They began to play by making plains from white paper and threw them on the window. One of them wanted to pick them up, but the other said that he should leave them there because the wind will carry them far away. The winter came and the paper was covered by snow. As the spring came, the snow began to melt and there were a lot of snowdrops in front of the boys’ neighbour block of flats. Unfortunately in front of their block of flats there were a lot of papers so that the boys decided to clean the place. Their work was rewarded with a snowdrop carpet.

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Game : “Butterflies Are Coming to Flowers
Butterflies are flying among flowers. At a specific command they set on the flower with the same colour. The elements of the game group each other according to their type:. Children are playing roles: butterflies and flowers.

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We are waiting for the winter with a great joy. Today I’ve played with my brothers. We’ve made snowballs, snowmen and we went with the sleigh. We’ve got friends with the snowmen by giving them names..

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The Snowdrop and the Snow A long time ago the snow , the wind, the ice and the rain were colourless. The snow wanted to be coloured so that she asked for a little colour to the yelow and the blue flowers and also to the grass, but all was in vane. She was very sad and lonely and began to cry. All of a sudden, the snowdrop saw her and felt her deep pain. He told her with a shy voice: ”Dear snow, don’t you cry any more. If you like my colour I would be deligthfull to share it with you.” ” You are very kind to me. I like your colour because it’s the symbol of purity. Thank you very much.” The snow rewarded the snowdrop and she made him the springtime herald.
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White– symbolizes purity, gives us hope, joy and success. It’s the childhood and revival colour. All these white things that live in the white house are now friends.

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